Hailie™ for use with Symbicort Turbuhaler
Hailie™ for use with Symbicort Turbuhaler

Hailie™ for use with Symbicort Turbuhaler

For Use With Symbicort Turbuhaler®
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The Hailie sensor easily attaches to your inhaler to help you better manage your breathing condition. The Hailie app has real-time monitoring and analysis, giving you a clear view of how you are taking your medication over time. And its audio-visual reminders ensure you take doses, which should help you enjoy life with fewer symptoms.


  • Audiovisual dose reminders help ensure doses aren’t missed
  • LED light confirms dose dispensed and indicates battery level
  • The sensor is reusable, simply remove your empty inhaler and insert a new one
  • Bluetooth® enabled communications to upload usage data to smartphone
  • Peak flow levels can be entered into the Hailie app


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    What is the Hailie platform?

    The Hailie™ platform provides asthma and COPD patients with the tools to accurately monitor and track medication usage, facilitating increased medication adherence.

    What do I get with my subscription?

    • You will get the latest Hailie™ sensor which fits onto your inhaler
    • 24/7 tech support
    • Latest Hailie™ app updates
    • Access to our online Asthma community – Facebook, email and Twitter
    • You can access your account through the app
    • You maintain safe and secure control of your data. We will not share your personal identifiable information with 3rd parties

    How does Hailie help me reduce my asthma symptoms?

    When you use your Hailie™ sensor with your medication, you will be able to track the date and time of your medication dose in the Hailie™ app. The Hailie™ sensor will send you reminders if you haven’t taken your dose.  Adhering to your prescription is a key component to maintaining daily control over your health. 

    Does the Hailie sensor work with a rescue inhaler?

    Yes, the Hailie™ will work with your rescue/reliever inhaler. 

    How do I install the sensor?

    Installing the sensor is super simple. It depends on the type of inhaler you use. We will send you easy, step-by-step instructions on how to install the sensor onto your specific inhaler.  

    Is this something my doctor has to approve?

    No, your doctor does not need to approve your usage of Hailie™ platform. However, we suggest telling your health care professional that you are using it. 

    Is my medication included?

    No. The Hailie™ solution is not a replacement for your medication, nor is it sold with your medication included. The Hailie™ solution works with your prescribed medication to help you better manage your condition.

    Can I use my Hailie™ sensor with any inhaler medication?

    No. Each Hailie™ sensor is designed to work with a specific inhaler medication. Please check the product description to ensure you have selected the right sensor for your medication.

    What is in the box?

    Each box comes with your Hailie™ sensor, a user manual and a quick start guide to help you easily pair your sensor with the Hailie™ app.

    Is my data secure?

    Yes, your Privacy is important to us. We need to capture some personal and health information to set up your sensor. Please read our Privacy Policy to find out more.

    Do you support returns and refunds?

    We offer a no risk 30-day period where you may return the sensor for a full refund, after this period we support returns and refunds as required by New Zealand Consumer Law. If you are having difficulty with your sensor or it does not appear to be working, please contact Customer Support at support@hailie.com. If applicable, they can help you arrange a return or a refund. Please refer to the Terms of Sale for more information.

    Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes. Please contact Customer Support at support@hailie.com to arrange for a subscription cancellation. There will be a cancellation fee specified in the Terms of Sale.

    Can you ship to my address? 

    Hailie™ is currently shipping NZ wide. The shipping fee will be additional to your subscription and confirmed prior to checkout. Complete shipping terms are outlined in the Terms of Sale

    How often will I need to recharge my Hailie™ sensor?

    Most Hailie™ sensors come with two options: non-rechargeable with a built-in battery that lasts at least 12 months. Or a rechargeable battery that can be recharged regularly up to two years.


    For more questions and support, please visit the Hailie™ Knowledge Base.

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