Breathe Easily Again with the Smartinhaler™ Platform

Fresh air. Outdoor Activity. Breathing easily.

These are things that most people take for granted. Unless, of course, you have asthmaI should know.

My name is Garth Sutherland, the founder of Adherium and creator of the Smartinhaler™ platform.

From a very young age I had chronic persistent asthma. Some of my earliest memories are of being hospitalized from asthma attacks, something that happened numerous times.

Even in my youth, I’d always found inhalers to be lacking. They couldn’t track when I took my medication, remind me if I missed a dose, or help me share my data with my doctor.

I told myself that if the medical industry didn’t fix this problem, one day I would.

I studied physics at University, then afterwards worked around the world for high-tech companies like Microsoft. I loved how companies like these weren’t scared to solve problems using the latest technological advances.

In the year 2000, I returned from abroad to live back in New Zealand and realized something. I was never going to grow out of my asthma, so why not use technology to create a solution?

And that’s what I decided to do. In fact, I spent nearly two decades developing the solution.

Introducing the Smartinhaler™ Platform

It works by tracking your medication usage, reminding you if you miss a dose, and giving you important insights on things such as when you’re likely to experience an asthma attack.

All of these things work to control your asthma. In our clinical trial outcomes:

  • Reduced asthma-related emergency room visits in adolescents by 81%.
  • Improved risk of severe exacerbations by 60.7%.
  • Reduced median number of days of reliever by 45.4%.
  • Reduced oral steroid use by 48%.

The Smartinhaler™ platform has already changed the lives of tens of thousands of asthma sufferers. Take a look at what Aileen has to say: 

As an asthmatic patient, I have been using my Symbicort Turbuhaler and Ventolin inhaler for a long time. Before Smartinhaler, I would usually skip my medications and will only take whenever I’m having the attackNow, I am only using Symbicort because my asthma is already controlled! That saved me money and most importantly, improved improved my health.

- Aileen A.

    How It Works

    Living a life that isn't bound by asthma starts with just three easy steps

    Step 1. Select your Smartinhaler™ sensor.

    Step 2. Download the app. 
    Once you purchase your Smartinhaler™ sensor, we'll send you a welcome email with instructions and a link to download the app for iOS or Android.

    Step 3. Pair your sensor with the app. When your Smartinhaler™ sensor arrives follow the enclosed instructions to pair it with your smartphone. This is where you'll set-up reminders for your preventer medication.

    Step 4. Start tracking and improving. Your Smartinhaler™ sensor tracks each usage and reminds you every time you miss a dosage. You'll find that this will increase your adherence and reduce your chances of severe symptoms.

    You deserve to live each day to the fullest without worrying about asthma. The Smartinhaler™ sensor can help you make sure that you do.

    Since its inception, the Smartinhaler™ platform has been pivotal to helping people control their asthma. Take a look at this quote below from Anna B., one of our users:

    I use a Smartinhaler™ with my daughter’s Preventer inhaler as well as her Reliever. The Smartinhaler™ gives me such peace of mind, and now I couldn’t be without it. We’re a busy household with two kids, two jobs and multiple activities.

    I never need to worry about whether she has been given her inhaler or not. The Smartinhaler™ and the App show me exactly when she has been given her inhaler and how many puffs she has taken.

    This means that she gets the right amount each day without any fear of under, or over medicating her. We track both her preventer inhaler as well as her reliever on the App so we can monitor any ‘attacks’ she may have. This is really useful when we meet with her Doctor or Nurse to talk about whether she can reduce her inhaler use – we have all of the information available on the App to help this conversation. We no longer have to rely on trying to remember how often she has used her reliever.

    The Smartinhaler™ platform has given me information that I’ve never had before, which helps me to really know when my daughter is using her inhaler

    - Anna B.