That's why we invented The Smartinhaler™ Platform.

It's the first device that tells you when to take your medication, reminds you when you don't, and is clinically proven to improve your asthma.

Breathing easy shouldn't be so hard.

Reduction in severe attacks in adults with Smartinhaler™ reminders.*

Reduction in hospital admissions for children with Smartinhaler™ reminders.*



Reduction in severe attacks in adults with Smartinhaler™ reminders.*


Introducing the Smartinhaler Sensor

The Smartinhaler sensor is the world's first device that helps you track your inhaler usage medication and reminds you when you when you forget.

...and reminds you when you forget

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When you miss a dosage, the Smartinhaler app gently reminds you that you need to take your dosage.

It tracks when you take a dose...

Learn valuable insights on your asthma, such as when asthma may strike. You can also share this information with your doctor.

The sensor attaches to your inhaler and tracks when you take a dose by sending a bluetooth signal to your phone.

Powerful Insights

How it Works

Select the right Smartinhaler™ sensor for your inhaler. Devices come free when you have a subscription to the Smartinhaler™ app.

Start Tracking


Pair your Smartinhaler™ sensor with the Smartinhaler™ app

Select your Smartinhaler™ sensor

When your Smartinhaler™ sensor arrives follow the enclosed instructions to pair it with your smartphone.

Now is also a good time to set-up reminders for your preventer medication.

Complete your Smartinhaler™ account setup with the information in your welcome email and download the Smartinhaler™ app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. 



Start taking advantage of the Smartinhaler™ solution.

 • Sensors track each time you use your preventer or reliever.

 • Reminds you if you miss a prescribed dose.

 • Tracks your medication usage trends overtime.

 • Allows you to share the information with your doctor to help them better understand your condition.

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3 Simple Steps

Use of the Smartinhaler™ platform improved adherence to preventative medication by 180% and reduced use of reliever medication by 45% in a study of 220 children who were monitored over a 6 month period.

Chan concluded the use of an audio-visual reminder inhaler can lead to significant improvements in medication adherence and asthma control in school-aged children with asthma.

Chan et al. Lancet Respir Med. 2015;3:210-219.

As an asthmatic patient, I have been using my Symbicort Turbuhaler and Ventolin inhaler for a long time. Before Smartinhaler, I would usually skip my medications and will only take whenever I’m having the attack.

Now, I am only using Symbicort because my asthma is already controlled! That saved me money and most importantly, improved improved my health.

Aileen A.

The Smartinhaler™ solution is an ecosystem of devices and apps that help patients and health specialists manage respiratory conditions and medications.

We have sold over 100,000 units and improved the lives of many in the decade spent designing and improving the Smartinhaler Platform.

I use a Smartinhaler™ with my daughter’s Preventer inhaler as well as her Reliever. The Smartinhaler™ gives me such peace of mind, and now I couldn’t be without it. We’re a busy household with two kids, two jobs and multiple activities.

I never need to worry about whether she has been given her inhaler or not. The Smartinhaler™ and the App show me exactly when she has been given her inhaler and how many puffs she has taken.

The Smartinhaler™ platform has given me information that I’ve never had before, which helps me to really know when my daughter is using her inhaler

We Transform Lung Health

Anna B.

*Clinical evidence shows that using Smartinhaler™ technology in asthma substantially increases adherence to preventative and maintenance medications and reduces severe attacks in adults and children.