Factors that impact asthma medication adherence in children

asthma adherence children and parents

Trees to climb, bugs to examine, races to run, dolls to dress, puzzles to complete, Lego towers to build, books to read, butterflies to catch, paths to explore, holes to dig, friends to hug, dogs to play with, pictures to draw, worlds to imagine. To a child, every day is full of wonder and excitement. It’s no wonder that in amongst a full to-do list of exploring and learning, remembering to take their asthma medication can be difficult. Asthma medication adherence is at its lowest in children, and while there’s definitely an age-correlation showing younger kids have more trouble remembering,...

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Caring for a senior with asthma: 3 tips to ensure adherence

asthma adherence seniors

In New Zealand asthma mortality rates and hospitalization are the highest amongst individuals aged 65 years and over. Asthma attacks can be dangerous as seniors have a significantly higher risk of respiratory failure, which is why it’s so important to accurately monitor adherence. If you’re a caregiver for an elderly parent, grandparent, relative, or friend, you know how important it is to help them manage their asthma, so they’re able to live a full and comfortable life. If you are caring for an elderly relative or friend who has asthma, here are a few tips to ensure they have the...

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