Asthma management tips for women

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As a women experiencing asthma, along with the usual considerations and medication, there are a few unique problems you may need to think about:

Asthma and your monthly cycle

According to the Asthma Foundation, during your monthly cycle, you may find that your asthma gets worse. Medications used to manage period pain (such as aspirin and Nurofen) can also bring on asthma attacks in some women.

For most women who experience this, they find their asthma settles down once their period is over. However, if you suffer from severe asthma, you may feel that you need additional reliever treatment.

Asthma while pregnant

According to the Asthma Foundation, around ⅓ of women find their asthma actually improves during pregnancy. ⅓ say it stays about the same and ⅓ report that it gets worse. If you fall into that latter group, talk to your doctor about revising your self-management plan.

You may also want to discuss your delivery with your doctor. Some women prefer to give birth in a hospital where the right technology and doctors are on hand if something goes wrong with their asthma during delivery.

Your baby isn’t in any danger from your inhaled medication. The best thing you can do to ensure the health of your baby is to stay healthy yourself, avoid smoking, and manage your asthma so you continue to breathe well.

Asthma while breastfeeding

Many mothers worry that their asthma medications will be passed on to their babies through their breast milk. It’s widely accepted that the tiny amount that may be present will not cause any harm to your baby.

Making these additional consideration and adjustments to your asthma management plan will help ensure that you take the best care of yourself.

If you want more information about how asthma may impact you as a woman, or you have other questions about your medication or self-management plan, then make an appointment to see your health professional or family doctor.

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