How important is it to be smokefree when you have asthma?


If you or someone in your home is a smoker, then according to research, you have a 40-60% increased risk of asthma compared to people who aren’t exposed to smoke. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals that can harm your body, and it’s a huge trigger for asthma. Nearly three-quarters of people who have asthma will get symptoms if they spend time with smokers. Why smoking impacts asthma sufferers As a person suffering from asthma, your breathing tubes are red and inflamed. You produce extra mucus, which stays on the walls of your tubes and means the hole through...

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Managing common asthma triggers in the workplace

asthma triggers

Managing your asthma triggers is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of asthma attacks you experience. Managing triggers in your own home can be quite simple – you have control over most decisions that result in triggers, such as pets and houseplants. In your office or workplace, you don’t have the same level of control. Some triggers may be unavoidable, as they’re an important part of doing your job. You may also notice your asthma getting worse after starting at a new job. In this article we have a look at some of the common workplace triggers...

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Healthy diet and lifestyle helps asthma attacks

asthma attacks healthy diet lifestyle

More than 300 million people worldwide and over 500,000 New Zealanders are affected by asthma, which causes more than 400,000 deaths worldwide annually. Most of those deaths occur during asthma “attacks” – where asthma symptoms suddenly worsen because of triggers closing the airways. Asthma attacks can be common for asthma sufferers. If an attack is bad enough, the sufferer may need to have a steroid injection or visit the emergency room. Regularly taking preventative medicine can help reduce the risk of getting an attack. Research is starting to show that diet, exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices can also improve...

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Tips to help your child live a full and happy life with asthma

Kiwi kids love to explore and get into everything. Unfortunately, with one in seven kiwi children experiencing asthma symptoms, the world can be full of triggers that result in attacks. Luckily, most kids will grow out of their asthma symptoms by the time they reach their teens, although it may return for episodes when they’re adults. For the children who experience severe asthma, it can remain with them for the rest of their lives. If you’re a parent caring for a child with asthma, it can be tough watching them struggle or knowing they can’t participate in certain activities. There...

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Asthma management tips for women

adults with asthma asthma adherence asthma management women

As a women experiencing asthma, along with the usual considerations and medication, there are a few unique problems you may need to think about: Asthma and your monthly cycle According to the Asthma Foundation, during your monthly cycle, you may find that your asthma gets worse. Medications used to manage period pain (such as aspirin and Nurofen) can also bring on asthma attacks in some women. For most women who experience this, they find their asthma settles down once their period is over. However, if you suffer from severe asthma, you may feel that you need additional reliever treatment. Asthma...

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