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Hailie™ is always by your side to help you manage your respiratory condition.

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A sensor for most medications

The Hailie™ solution includes a range of Hailie™ sensors, each designed to work with a different inhaler type. By offering a sensor along with a platform subscription, we can bring the Hailie™ solution to those living with asthma and COPD.

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Stay connected

The Hailie™ app syncs automatically with your Hailie™ sensor, giving you access to your medication history. If you're caring for an elderly parent or child, the Hailie™ app helps you keep track of their doses, even when you are not there.

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Make every dose count

Missing doses greatly reduces the effectiveness of your medication. The Hailie™ solution's built-in audio visual alarms to remind you when to take a puff — and sensors to track whether you did — you can have confidence you're taking your medication on time, every time.

Track medication usage

Optimize your health

You may already track your steps, your heart rate and your sleep. With the Hailie™ solution, you can track your medication usage too. By sharing the data on your Hailie™ app, your doctor will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your medication regimen.

Transforming lung health


A study demonstrated a 59% increase in preventer medication adherence in adults using the Hailie™ solution (Foster)


A study demonstrated a 80% reduction in hospital admissions for children with the Hailie™ solution (Morton)


A study demonstrated a 45% reduction in reliever medication use in children with the Hailie™ solution (Chan)

Clinical studies show that using the Hailie™ solution (previously known as the Smartinhaler™ solution) for asthma management increases adherence to preventative and maintenance medications and reduces exacerbations in adults and children.

Sources: Foster, Chan, Morton

It's never been easier to manage your asthma

Simply attach the Hailie™ sensor, pair it with your smartphone and set your medication reminders. Whatever the severity of your condition, for a low monthly subscription, you will be able to understand and improve your medication habits.

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